$10,000 BUSD prize pool & 8% Commission Rate In Step Hero’s 2nd Affiliate Program

About Step Hero Mystery Chest Sale (Batch 2)



  • Total amount sold: 12,000 Chests
  • Price: 98 $HERO/Chest
  • Max. quantity purchased/wallet: 6 Chests
  • The commission rate for promoters: 8%/Chest sold (equivalent to 7.84 $HERO/Chest sold)
  • Probability & Issue Amount/ Rarity level

How to join Sales Affiliate Program

Grant prizes for top promoters

  • Top 1: 3.000 $BUSD
  • Top 2: 2.500 $BUSD
  • Top 3: 1.500 $BUSD
  • Top 4–33: 100 $BUSD/each

About Step Hero

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