Gunfire Hero Endless Mode Playbook — Season 2

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3 min readApr 21, 2022

Key Points

  • Release two new equipment: FireCracker & Blizzard. Players can purchase chests to get new items.
  • The number of winners on Leaderboard has expanded dramatically.
  • Have changes of equipment stats, for more detailed information:
  • Users now can access our Discord server from the app
  • Change in the initial joining fee.
  • Improvement and fix bugs: Endless Tower security and other IU issues.

Season 2 is here with a variety of major changes. So don’t miss this notification!

How to play

After finishing the Lava Cavern Map in Stage Mode, players can join Endless Mode to start the Season.

Endless Mode includes many floors; each floor has 20 rooms. Overcome every 20 rooms and you’ll reach a new floor.

The leaderboard will be based on the highest floor and room that players can reach when joining Endless Mode.

Season Duration

We are starting out with seasons that last for 3 weeks. After one season ends, we will have a break of about 3 days before another season begins.

STEPPOOL Mechanism

  • We increase the initial joining fee to 10 $STEP for the Endless mode. After every 5 turns, it will increase gradually.
  • A part of the Endless-mode Joining Fee will be contributed to STEPPOOL as a $STEP reward for TOPs when the season ends. The more players, the more rewards
  • The $STEP fee will be reset the next day

Rewards Structure

For Season 2, we’ve expanded the number of leaderboard slots to 200. This will promote Gunfire Hero’s competitive scene and contribute to expanding our ecosystem.

The rewards in this season are $HERO and $STEP counted based on their position on the leaderboard.

  • The $HERO reward is fixed
  • The $STEP reward belongs to the amount of STEPS POOL at the time season 2 ends

Top #1: $10125 HERO

Top #2: $7500 HERO

Top #3: $4500 HERO

For players with lower ranks, please refer to the table above for the respective rewards.

Within 3 to 5 days after the end of the Season:

+ $HERO rewards will be sent through ID Wallet that is linked to your account

+ $STEP rewards will be sent via in-game mail

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