Gunfire Hero Playbook Part 2: In-game items and features introduction

In this section, we will introduce you to the Gunfire Hero in-game items and features to make it easier for you to understand and experience the game.

Now, let’s come to the first!


Stamina (or energy) is the mandatory condition. In order to start the game, you have to pay 5 stamina.

So how do you earn more stamina?

  • Play more to get dropped stamina during the game.
  • Wait for stamina refill.


Perks are types of equipment, skills, or auxiliary effects for the character. After overcoming a World Map, you can unlock new Perks that increase power during playing.

Gunfire Hero users can make combinations of Perks together to:

  • Upgrade your equipment
  • Increase the defense ability
  • Recover hero’s strength.

Hero Medal:

Gunfire Hero users can utilize the Hero Medal in order to evolve Hero star rank.

There are 2 ways to get more Hero Medal:

  • Purchase on the Multi-collection Marketplace
  • Find them in the Hero Chests

Hero Shard

Gunfire Hero users can simply purchase Hero Shard on Marketplace in order to:

  • Evolve hero
  • Level up hero
  • Unlock your hero

Tips and Tricks to play Gunfire Hero

We have some tips for you:

  • Upgrade equipment to be more powerful with Gunfire Hero battle chest
  • Check out your stamina usually
  • The higher playtime you spend the more chances you get to earn rewards


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