Gunfire Hero Supreme Weapon Chest: Legendary Rarity Included

Key Points

  • The Supreme chest is an improved version of the Weapon chest. The players can receive more benefits than the chest’s quoted price.
  • Only these 4 guns: FireCracker, Blizzard, Agony, Gemini Rifle
  • Players will have a higher percentage chance of owning weapons with extreme rarities, such as Legendary and Epic.

Gunfire Hero Weapon Chest Information

  • Starting time: 12:00 UTC April 30th, 2022
  • End date: until all chests are sold.
  • Total Quantity: 1500 chests
  • Limited quantity with 1 user: No limitation

Gunfire Hero Weapon Chest Opening Rate

Why should you buy a Supreme weapon chest?

  • This is the only chest that has ever had the highest percentage of legendary rarity opens.
  • Just to earn more and more from Gunfire Hero.
  • Users can increase their opportunities to conquer World 4 and successfully unlock Endless Mode to race the Leaderboard.
  • You can totally sell your NFTs on the Marketplace with the main currency being $HERO tokens in order to upgrade your character and your equipment.

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