Gunfire Hero — Testnet For Community: Gunner’s Race Is Opened

The Testnet Version of GunFire Hero is LIVE NOW!

You can download the testnet version and learn how to play 👉

This is also the time to kick off Gunner’s Race and find the 31 best gunners to share the 2000 $HERO prize pool.


📅 2 PM UTC Dec 15, 2021–2 PM UTC Dec 20, 2021


1. The best gunner (20 slots)

Are you confident in your abilities? Are you ready to conquer every challenge?

Clear the fifth map in Stage Mode and collect at least 500 $STEP in the shortest amount of time to become the best shooter!

  • Play through the 5th map in Stage Mode and collect over 500 $STEP tokens.
  • Take a screenshot of your results and input them in 👉
  • The screenshot must include your Username, the result of passing the 5th map, and the total amount of $STEP you have earned.
  • Top 20 fastest gunners who complete the challenge and submit the above form first will receive:

Top 1–5: 1 Golden Chest/1 gunner

Top 6–20: 1 Silver Chest/1 gunner

2. The hard-working gunner (5 slots)

5 gunners who have provided the most feedback and submitted the most detailed report about bugs on this Testnet will receive 100 $HERO tokens each.

If you discover any bugs, please report them here: 👉

3. The friendly gunner (6 slots)

The top 6 accounts with the most referrals for the TESTNET FOR COMMUNITY event during the whitelist period will receive 50 $HERO tokens each.

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