Gunfire Hero x Xantus: Global Gameplay Video Campaign

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2 min readJan 7, 2022


From January 7th to January 17th, Gunfire Hero will be collaborating with Xantus to organize a Global Gameplay Video Campaign. We welcome participation from global creators and communities!

The contest rules are as follows

🔹 Create a gameplay video of Gunfire Hero.

🔹 Upload it to any kind of social platform you want (Youtube, Facebook, Twitter,..) with the hashtag #GunfireHero #XantusInsight.

🔹 Comment your video link and tag 3 friends on the official Xantus event tweet.

🔹Do all the required tasks in the gleam form and you are qualified!

📌 Requirements for Qualification:

  • Content: About Gunfire Hero. The video must be original, and the creator must have the copyright to the video.
  • Length: greater than 1 minute
  • Views: Over 1000 (the video will be disqualified if the views are found to be fake)

Participants will be able to win extremely appealing prizes such as

🎁 10 lucky videos will have a chance to win $10 HERO + $10 STEP for each. (Xantus will choose random 10 videos among these qualifying videos)

🎁 Top 5 qualifying videos with the highest views/comments/likes will receive:

👉 Top 1: 500 $HERO + 1 silver chest + 1 Hero chest

👉 Top 2: 300 $HERO + 1 silver chest

👉 Top 3: 200 $HERO + 1 silver chest

👉 Top 4&5: 100 $HERO + 1 silver chest

📌 Dates of the event: January 7th — January 17th, 2022

📌 Fill out this Gleam form:

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