Hero Farming Pool Ver2 Is Live Now! What’s New About It?

Hero Farming Pool Ver2 Is Live Now!

You can join Hero Farming Pool Ver2 here

👉 https://stephero.io/characters/v2_genesis

What is Heroes Farming?

Heroes Farming enables you to earn NFTs from $HERO by depositing $HERO on Heroes Farm Pool. (The Heroes LP Pool is coming soon.)

What’s New In Hero Farming Pool ver2?

Basically, the deposit $HERO/point rewarded ratio (1 point/1 $HERO/day) and the farming mechanism are similar to ver1.

But there are some changes:

  • You can get a maximum of 5,000 points a day.
  • You can redeem the desired HERO Collectible Items when you have enough points. Please note that the points farmed from the HERO Farm Pool are used to exchange for NFTs of 3 rarity levels: Common, Uncommon, and Rare. Specifically, for the time being, you can redeem 3 characters: King Arthur, Mage, and Layla Vampire.

If you still have remaining points in HERO Farming Pool Ver.1, when you deposit to HERO Farming Pool Ver.2, all of your accumulated points will automatically be transferred from HERO Farming Pool Ver.1 to HERO Farming Pool Ver.2 at a 1:1 ratio.

The transfer will happen only once. Therefore, it is recommended that you unst*ke $HERO from HERO Farming Pool Ver.1 before depositing to HERO Farming Pool Ver.2.

The transfers will happen from Sep 2nd to 16:59 UTC Sep 8th only. After that time, the remain points in ver1 will be invalidated.

How to Farm on Hero Farming Pool ver2?

The farming method of ver 2 is exactly the same as ver1.

We already had a detailed instruction article and youtube video about how to farm before.

You can learn more at

👉 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e_oTvRzceKY

👉 https://stephero.medium.com/4fe273580fda

Happy farming!

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