HEROES Are Needed! Join Step Hero’s Squad To Win Attractive Rewards

Become one of our Heroes to earn rewards in HERO NFT Treasure Chests

As a HERO, you will bring Step Hero closer to potential users and investors by posting about Step Hero on social channels. Top 30 HEROES with the best performance will receive the reward as HERO NFT Treasure Chests.

Prize Pool

A total of 37 HERO NFT Treasure Chests will be rewarded to Top 30 HEROES with the highest points.

Each Chest has a random HERO NFT Character with the rarity varies from Common to Legendary. The higher the rarity level, the higher value an NFT is in the marketplace.

You can trade the NFTs on HERO NFT Marketplace that will be launched next week. Besides, you can use them to play Step Hero RPG, or upgrade them to get NFTs with higher rarity.


Your single mission as a HERO is to create posts that shill Step Hero on social media channels, including Telegram, Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, Discord, Youtube, and any other social media channel or crypto forums.

Important Requirement:

- On each post, you must include the link to Step Hero’s Global Community on Telegram https://t.me/stephero_chat

- The content must be original and must not be spam content.



From August 17th to August 31st at 23:59:59 UTC.

About Step Hero

Step Hero is the lucrative NFT fantasy-themed RPG game on Binance Smart Chain and Polygon (previously Matic Network).

More than that, it is a comprehensive NFT ecosystem made up of HERO token, HERO collectibles, a fantasy-themed role-playing game with attractive gameplay and a cross-chained NFT marketplace.

Learn more about Step Hero

Website | Telegram channel| Telegram group | Twitter | Medium | Reddit | Facebook | Discord | Youtube

More details about Step Hero: https://whitepaper.stephero.io/

Contract Address: 0xE8176d414560cFE1Bf82Fd73B986823B89E4F545