In Celebration Of $HERO Being Listed On MEXC, We Are Giving Away 10,000 $HERO

HERO Depositing Contest

  • Total prize pool: 3,800 $HERO for all participants
  • Rules: Deposit no less than 20 $HERO net on MEXC to participate. You will share the 3,800 $HERO total prize pool in proportion to your net deposit amount.
  • Timeline: 2021–08–19 13:00 (UTC) — 2021–08–23 15:00 (UTC)

HERO Trading Contest

  • Total prize pool: 3,800 $HERO for all participants.
  • Grand prizes: The top 10 users with the largest trading volume (meeting min. trading volume requirement of 5,000 USDT) share a 2,800 $HERO prize pool.
  • Participation prizes: All $HERO traders (excluding the top 10 winners) with min. trading volumes of 200 USDT are eligible to share a 1,000 HERO prize pool in proportion to their trading volume.
  • Rules: Trade $HERO at a minimum trading volume of 200 USDT on MEXC to participate in the contest. Trade $HERO at a minimum trading volume of 5000 USDT on MEXC to be eligible to win Grand Prizes.
  • Timeline: 2021–08–20 13:00 (UTC) — 2021–08–23 15:00 (UTC)


  • Total prize pool: 400 $HERO for 20 lucky winners ($20/each)
  • Rules: Participants must complete all following missions
  • Timeline: 2021–08–19 13:00 (UTC) — 2021–08–23 15:00 (UTC)
  • MEXC will draw the random winners and verify their mission accomplishment status.

Telegram AMA

  • AMA Time: 19:00, Aug 20th (UTC+8)
  • Venue:
  • Total prize pool: $2,000 worth of $HERO (The specific prize pool and the number of winners for the below activities will be decided and officially announced by MEXC.)

Pre-AMA giveaway

  • Prize pool: 300–500 winners earn $5/each
  • Rules: Share the AMA announcements to 3 crypto groups (minimum 1000 users) and submit the screenshots to MEXC Telegram group. MEXC will select the winner list.

In-AMA giveaway

  • AMA Free-Asking Segment: Drop your questions during AMA Free-Asking Segment. The owners of the three chosen questions earn $10/each.
  • AMA Quiz Segment: 15 winners with the best answers earn $5/each

Post-AMA giveaway (Red envelope event)

  • Prize pool: 100–200 users of MEXC earn 1,000 $USDT worth $HERO in the form of Red envelopes. (Red Envelopes, otherwise known as Red Packets, or Hong Bao, are Chinese Ethnic Gifts used to show appreciation)
  • Red envelope events will be held in our MEXC Telegram groups.

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