Instructions On How To Play Gunfire Hero Testnet Version

We are very excited to announce that the Testnet version of the Gunfire Hero Game will be released at 14:00 UTC on Dec 15th,2021.

In this article, we will show you how to play the Gunfire Hero Testnet Version.

Step-by-step instructions

Step 1: Set up your wallet

Set up Binance Smart Chain Testnet

Show $HERO and $STEP in your wallet by importing token contracts

  • $STEP CA: 0x0CCA95FD87441DCD90fDDB4e34526C1B3cc6F660

Claim Testnet Tokens from Faucet

Step 2: Create in-game account

Get Started

  • Approve the connection between HERO Marketplace and your wallet. After successful connection, there will be the My Account button in place of the Connect Wallet button.
  • Now, click My Account to create your in-game account.

Create in-game account

  • Username: Email
  • Password: 8 characters with at least 1 upper case, 1 lower case, and 1 numeric character.
  • While you’re creating your account, you’ll receive an email. Open the email and find the verification code.
  • To finish creating your account, enter the verification code when prompted.

Step 3: Claim your testing pack

  • Select “Claim”, then the system will automatically connect with your wallet.
  • Click “Confirm” to complete the transaction and the chests are ready to be opened.

Step 4: Open chest

  • NFTs will be delivered to your account in a few hours, you could access the “My account” section to check it out.

Step 5: Download and install the testnet version (APK/IPA)

  • Open the APK file on Download directory on your browser or in the My Files folder on your device
  • Tap “Install” to install Gunfire Hero APK file on your device

On some devices, you may need to allow the installation of unknown apps on your mobile. In this instruction, we will use Google Chrome as an example

To allow the installation of unknown applications downloaded from Google Chrome, go to Settings > Apps > Chrome > Install

After you have allowed the application to be installed on your device, simply wait until the installation process completes.

  • Open Gunfire Hero, the following screen will appear and Gunfire Hero would be successfully installed on your Android devices.

Step 6: Start the game, log in with your account from step 1 and enjoy!

Step 7: Deposit your NFTs and STEP tokens to the game


  1. Go to and connect your wallet
  2. Choose My Account

3. Choose “NFTs” in the “Deposit — Withdraw in-game”

4. Choose “Gunfire Hero” → choose “Deposit” or “Withdraw”. Your available NFTs will show here for you to deposit to the game or withdraw from it. Only NFTs which are not in listing or bounty hunting are available.

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