Mr. Kamran Iqbal, BSC News’s COO, is Step Hero’s Strategic Communication Partner

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2 min readJul 29, 2021


Mr. Kamran Iqbal, Co-Founder and COO at BSC News is Step Hero’s communication partner

We are thrilled to announce our next investor and strategic communication partner — Mr. Kamran Iqbal, Founder and COO of BSC News. As our investor, advisor, and communication partner, he will assist our project on community development and brand marketing.

Partnership highlights

  • Mr. Karmran Iqbal will finance Step Hero as one of our financial investors.
  • Mr. Kamran Iqbal is Step Hero’s strategic communication partner, who will consult and accompany us on our marketing and community development campaigns. Furthermore, he will connect us with his extensive network of partners who can support the development of our project.
  • will accompany Step Hero as a media partner and support to spread our project through broadcasting news about Step Hero on their leading media channels.

Why do we collaborate with Mr. Kamran Iqbal?

Mr. Kamran Iqbal is a media veteran with many years of experience as editor of leading media channels such as BSC News and Solana News. As the Co-Founder and COO of BSC News, Iqbal has contributed to making BSC News one of the leading media platforms in the Binance Smart Chain ecosystem. His valuable experiences will significantly assist our team in community building strategy and branding strategy.

By joining hands, we hope to establish an NFT empire that tops BSC and further dominates the blockchain world. We will contribute to developing a robust and comprehensive Binance Smart Chain ecosystem through the success of Step Hero.

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