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2 min readJun 9, 2022

Step Hero Multiverse is partnering with Oxalus Wallet as an official wallet to register a Step Hero Multiverse account. Participate with us to win a Prize Pool of up to 10,000 USD!

In an effort to provide our users with a better experience in our games, we are onboarding Oxalus Wallet as an official ID partner of the Step Hero Multiverse. Oxalus Wallet has both a beautiful user interface and offers a great user experience. Most of all, it is the most NFTs-game-friendly blockchain wallet on the market up to date.

A special feature just for Step Hero Multiverse users is viewing NFTs. Step Hero Multiverse players can view their NFTs assets directly in Oxalus Wallet application

The Oxalus Wallet has arrived on the Apple Store and Google Play this June!

To celebrate our partnership with Oxalus Wallet, the Step Hero Multiverse team is holding an event with great gifts for everyone. Follow these steps and you can earn special gifts in the Step Hero Multiverse games:

What you need to do:

Step 1: Download Oxalus Wallet at the following link:

Step 2: Import the wallet ID you are using to sign up in Gunfire Hero or Step Hero into the Oxalus Wallet app you just downloaded

Step 3: Connect the Oxalus Wallet you just imported to the Step Hero Multiverse marketplace

Completed Step 1 and Step 2 to get: a 30 $STEP token delivered straight into your SHM game account

Complete Step 3 to get 20 more $STEP into your SHM game account

Event schedule: 14:00 UTC 09 June — 14:00 UTC 30 June

For further instructions and FaQs with Oxalus Wallet, please check out the following link:

All your assets from Step Hero Multiverse games is secured with Oxalus Wallet and both Oxalus and SHM teams will take 100% responsibility for any losses or errors that you may experience with Oxalus Wallet

About Step Hero Multiverse

Step Hero Step Hero Multiverse is the one-stop shop for P2E gamers, which brings you extraordinary gaming experiences & lucrative earning opportunities. We provide an NFT gaming ecosystem with HERO Game Hub, which gathers a series of attractive blockchain games.

Our vision is to become an ecosystem with millions of users benefiting and monetizing it every day.

Our mission is to bring sustainable earning opportunities for those who love NFT gaming and through that, popularize the application of blockchain technology.

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