Step Hero Multiverse Weekly Recap 7 March — 12 March

Dear Heroes,

Let’s take a look back at these amazing events this week 👇🏻👇🏻

We’re back with Episode 3 of the AMA podcast, and we’ve got a lot of questions about our latest feature in Step Hero RPG: PvP Battle Arena.

So, if you want to climb to the top of the leaderboard and share the super mega prize pool of 225,000 $HERO, you can not miss this episode!

Watch here:

This week, the Step Hero Multiverse admin team organized our very first voice-AMA with the global community as one of the most wanted activities in our moving to Discord campaign!

Venue: Channel: #voice-stage channel on Discord (Join our Discord here:

AMA detailed information:

✔️ Language: English

✔️ Duration: 45 minutes

✔️ Agenda:

- 25 minutes to answer questions from the form above

- 20 minutes to answer live questions from the audience

More details:

Easy to join, daily prize pool, public winners!

Nothing is easier than that! Right?

We are running a special campaign “Make a Deposit, Get Amazing Gifts” so that those who deposit can have the chance to get far more rewards than usual!

This is a huge opportunity for depositing for all users!

👉 More details:

Additionally, with this campaign, there will be more opportunities to receive unique NFT equipment that has never appeared before!

🔥 A contest for all creative users!

☀️A playground for Step Hero Multiverse lovers!

📍An unique opportunity for those who wish to work with Step Hero Multiverse for an extended period of time!

🔜 Let’s look forward to the launch of the greatest contest ever for those who love to play games, love to create, or simply want to spread the love to the wider community!

Coming soon I March 2022

About Step Hero Multiverse

Step Hero Step Hero Multiverse is the one-stop-shop for P2E gamers, which brings you extraordinary gaming experiences & lucrative earning opportunities. We provide an NFT gaming ecosystem with HERO Game Hub, which gathers a series of attractive blockchain games.

Our vision is to become an ecosystem with millions of users benefiting and monetizing it every day.

Our mission is to bring sustainable earning opportunities for those who love NFT gaming and popularize the application of blockchain technology.

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Step Hero Multiverse

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