Step Hero Multiverse x AfriGuild: Welcome Event

Event Details: Airdrop Program

  1. Timeline: May 24th, 2022 — June 5th, 2022
    There will be a pop-up Livestream on 29th May to show special tactics to protect your territory.
  2. Participant: AfriGuild members who have not created a Step Hero Multiverse account yet.
  3. Prize pool: 500 Gunfire Hero NFTs for 500 winners
  4. Qualification: Every new member who reaches the 2nd map.
  5. How to join:
  • Download the Gunfire, register an account and join the guild
  • Fill your information in this form:
  • Invite more friends to play game
  • Wait for the winner announcement on the AMA after the guild campaign
  • Claim the rewards in your wallet (on the Step Hero Multiverse website)

About Step Hero Multiverse



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