Step Hero’s IDO Will Be Launched on LaunchZone

Step Hero x LaunchZone

We are pleased to announce a strategic partnership between Step Hero and LaunchZone. LaunchZone LZPad is the launchpad platform we will choose to IDO for HERO tokens on Binance Smart Chain. With this cooperation, we hope to bring breakthrough success for Step Hero when entering the market.

Partnership highlights

  • Step Hero will sell IDO on LZPad (formerly PadX) platform of LaunchZone ecosystem on Binance Smart Chain.
  • BSC Army, LaunchZone’s media agency, will be Step Hero’s strategic communication partner that will broadcast Step Hero’s brand to the mass audience.

Why do we collaborate with LaunchZone?

LaunchZone is a multi-chain decentralized finance ecosystem with a renowned brand and a solid community. LZPad, LaunchZone’s launchpad platform, has proven to be a successful launchpad for projects with excellent ROI, such as BSC Army, BSCX,… LaunchZone is quite picky when it comes to IDO partners as they only accompany truly high-quality projects. Moreover, LaunchZone is a strong and united community that can make a big impact in the crypto world.

With all the above resources, LaunchZone will support Step Hero to expand brand recognition and create FOMO in the community on BSC. Having a successful IDO with a high ROI will allow Step Hero to gain confidence from investors and users, which is critical to the project’s long-term development.

Moreover, BSC Army is a well-known media channel that has worked on notable NFT gaming projects such as My Defi Pet and My Neighbor Alice. The strategic communication partnership between Step Hero and BSC Army promises to create a media explosion for Step Hero.

By partnering with a high-potential project like Step Hero, LaunchZone also gains both financial and branding benefits. LZPad’s success with Step Hero will enhance its brand as a credible launchpad, thus increasing its ability to attract new projects and investors while extending the LaunchZone community.

About LaunchZone

LaunchZone is the DeFi ecosystem on Binance Smart Chain, top 6 Most Valuable Builder on Binance Smart Chain ranked by the network. LaunchZone ecosystem delivers comprehensive DeFi solutions, meeting all the needs of investors, with products such as SwapX, PoolX, PadX, and especially the prestigious crypto communication agency BSC Army.

Learn more about LaunchZone at:

Telegram | Twitter | Website

About Step Hero

Step Hero is the lucrative NFT fantasy-themed RPG game on Binance Smart Chain and Polygon (previously Matic Network).

More than that, it is a comprehensive NFT ecosystem made up of HERO token, HERO collectibles, a fantasy-themed role-playing game with attractive gameplay and a cross-chained NFT marketplace.

Step Hero is the lucrative NFT fantasy-themed RPG game on the BSC and Polygon network

The Step Hero game utilizes NFT technology to tokenize our collectibles of HERO characters. Created with the most sophisticated graphic design, the HERO collectibles represent unique game characters that can be valuable in the trading market. The Hero NFTs marketplace is equipped with superior features that allow users to trade NFTs, mint their own NFTs, launch NFTs auctions, and earn from affiliate programs.

As a Step Hero player, you may earn profit in a variety of ways:

  • When you win Player versus Player (PvP) fights, you can receive reward prizes.
  • You may upgrade and trade your characters later. The more distinct and strong your characters are, the more money you will make.

The Step Hero ecosystem enables users to have fun and earn profit simultaneously; it also promotes the expansion of NFT technology and the mass adoption of blockchain applications.

Learn more about Step Hero

Website | Telegram channel| Telegram group | Twitter | Medium | Reddit | Facebook



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