The Gunfire Hero Playbook

I. How to create an account

On Website

  1. Access to in order to create your account

2. Connect your Metamask wallet

  • Click CONNECT WALLET. You can choose between Metamask wallet or other wallets.
  • Approve the connection between StepHero Marketplace and your wallet.
  • After successful connection, there will be the My Account button in place of the Connect Wallet button.

3. Create in-game account

Now, click My Account to create your in-game account.

  • To set up an account, you have to input your username and password.

Username: Email

Password: 8 characters with at least 1 upper case, 1 lower case, and 1 numeric character.

  • While you’re creating your account, you’ll receive an email. Open the email and find the verification code.
  • To finish creating your account, enter the verification code when prompted.

On Mobile

  1. Open your Metamask app
  • Choose “Browser” to connect with the Step Hero Multiverse Marketplace
  • Connect your wallet
  • After connecting successfully, the browser will be ready to create an account. You need to set up a username which is your email and password for this market account.
  • Then it’s similar to the “On Website” version, you will enter a verification code to finish the process.

II. Download the game

Note: For anyone who has downloaded the Alpha and Testnet version, please delete it because this is unavailable for mainnet. The latest version will be updated soon on the Website, so let’s wait for the announcement from us.

Furthermore, in case you receive the Force Update notification, don’t be worried about updating to the newest version.

Android Mobile

Download here:

  • Open the APK file in the Download directory on your browser or in the My Files folder on your device.
  • Tap “Install” to install Gunfire Hero APK file on your device

On some devices, you may need to allow the installation of unknown apps on your mobile. In this instruction, we will use Google Chrome as an example.

To allow the installation of unknown applications downloaded from Google Chrome, go to Settings > Apps > Chrome > Install.

After you have allowed the application to be installed on your device, simply wait until the installation process completes

  • Open Gunfire Hero, the following screen will appear and Gunfire Hero would be successfully installed on your Android devices

Emulator on PC

  • Firstly, access the NoxPlayers website then click to Download and Install the app.
  • After you finish installing Noxplayer, run this app on your PC. You can use it just as you use your Android phones, with the only difference being the mouse click navigation instead of the touch input.
  • Choose “Browser” and access to the link: where you can download the Gunfire Hero game in the same ways on the Android mobile version mentioned above

III. How to deposit/withdraw NFTs and token

1. Deposit NFTs and token

  • Go to Marketplace and connect your wallet
  • Choose “NFTs” on “Deposit — Withdraw In Game”
  • Choose “Gunfire Hero” → choose “Deposit” or “Withdraw”. Your available NFTs will show here for you to deposit to the game or withdraw from it. Only NFTs which are not listed are available.

2. Withdraw NFTs and token

To withdraw the NFTs, you only need to follow two rules:

  • Withdraw can only be accepted after passing world 5 ingame.
  • Withdrawals from Gunfire are only accepted between the hours of 2:00–2:30 UTC and 14:00–14:30 UTC.

Withdraw $STEP token:

To be allowed to withdraw NFTs, you must meet the following three conditions:

- Withdrawals can only be accepted after passing world 5 ingame.

- After 7 days of login, you can withdraw STEP tokens. The first withdrawal is on 31/12/2021.

- Withdrawals from Gunfire are only accepted between the hours of 2:00–2:30 UTC and 14:00–14:30 UTC.

Retry withdraw transaction:

  • When you submit the WITHDRAW button, it means your transaction has been successfully created and has to be finished.
  • You can retry the pending transaction (blockchain issue, not confirm transaction,etc.) by accessing the link

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