The Step Hero Arena Season 1

We’re thrilled to announce that PvP season 1 with $225.000 HERO in rewards have been released NOW!

The Step Hero PvP is a seasonal arena between players and players.

Each user is granted 1100 Elo points when starting to join the Arena. If the player wins, Elo and $STEP will be added, if lost, Elo points will be deducted. Elo is the basis for calculating rank in the leaderboard.

Playing turn: The player has 10 turns per day.

PvP will be conducted by random pairing from the system.

We are starting out with seasons that last for 3 weeks. After season 1, we will have a break about 3 days about another 3 week season begins. The Elo points will be reset before you participate in the next season.

The prize pool of Step Hero Arena in season 1 is $225000 HERO

The top 100 winners of the leaderboard will have a chance to win this huge reward.

  • Top #1: $40500 HERO
  • Top #2: $22500 HERO
  • Top #3: $16875 HERO

For players with lower ranks, please refer to the table above for the respective rewards.

The rewards will be directly transferred to the wallets of the winners 1 week after the result announcement.




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