Weekly Recap: April 3nd, 2022 — April 9th, 2022

Dear Heroes,

Let’s take a look back at these amazing events this week 👇🏻👇🏻


Gunfire Hero Gameplay Ver1.38 will be available today, with a huge number of fixes that will improve the server performance in general.

Thanks to everyone who reported the issue!

❗️When you open Gunfire Hero today, there will be a message telling you to force update the APK.

For the most recent version, please visit: https://stephero.io/game/gunfire

32710 times have been played in Endless Mode.

As more playing turns, more people join our Endless Tower and compete to be the first to reach the top of the Leaderboard.

Also, as the number of playing turns increases, our STEPPOOL will expand and the reward will be higher!

So speed up and get your prize!

Download game here: https://www.stephero.io/game/gunfire

Round 2 of the Herohood contest has BEGUN

Have you received the round 1 results email from us yet?

If not, do so right now and be ready to compete in round 2 for a chance to win the $6,000 reward.

Duration: April 3nd — April 13th, 2022

Prize pool: $6000 USD

$6000 USD is waiting for you, please take it!

For more information: https://stephero.medium.com/eb4ab148fd1f

Special Livestream with Earn Guild

We host a Livestream of Gunfire Hero with Earn Guild to affirm our cooperation and provide opportunities not only to the two communities but also to new players.

Main content:

✨ Playing time with Gunfire Hero

✨ Live Q&A

Cross Community AMA and Luck Draw with PathDAO

We had a successful AMA with the PathDAO team. In this livestream, we played and experience Gunfire Hero with many fantastic in-game features.

Besides, we received a lot of questions from our beloved users and gave them responses.

To re-watch the Livestream, please check it out: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AwuCe2tM7U4

Have you subscribed to our youtube channel?

Our youtube channel is going to have a lot of interesting content coming up so stay tuned!

What helpful videos can you look forward to:

  • In-game tutorial and support instructions
  • Latest game updates
  • Upcoming events

So, please give us a subscription to not miss notifications when we have a new video!

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/c/StepHeroNFTs

About Step Hero Multiverse

Step Hero Step Hero Multiverse is the one-stop-shop for P2E gamers, which brings you extraordinary gaming experiences & lucrative earning opportunities. We provide an NFT gaming ecosystem with HERO Game Hub, which gathers a series of attractive blockchain games.

Our vision is to become an ecosystem with millions of users benefiting and monetizing it every day.

Our mission is to bring sustainable earning opportunities for those who love NFT gaming and through that, popularize the application of blockchain technology.

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NFTs project including high liquidity marketplace and the first NFT fantasy-themed RPG game on Polygon with world class design of collectibles 👉 stephero.io

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Step Hero Multiverse

Step Hero Multiverse

NFTs project including high liquidity marketplace and the first NFT fantasy-themed RPG game on Polygon with world class design of collectibles 👉 stephero.io

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