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3 min readApr 5, 2022


To enter our Herohood challenge, Step Hero Multiverse will reward the top 5 amazing Influencers with our special prizes!
The Gunfire is a free-to-play game.


General Information:

The HEROHOOD CHALLENGE: The influencer will help the Step Hero Multiverse acquire 7000 new visitors to our Marketplace by introducing or playing games.

The SHM will help you with a basic package in game: 1 Rare gun + 600 $STEP to deposit and start the game

The whole process of the challenge will be as follows:

  1. The contestants will announce officially on the video or post that they will announce that they accept the challenge
  2. You will start the game with a from 1st stage and try your best to conquer all the Map in Gunfire or Step Hero
  3. The Influencers will do the videos or livestream to acquire new users
  • For the videos: each of our influencers will create at least 2 videos from 10–20 minutes where they will try to get as far as they can for the challenge.
  • For the Livestream: each of our influencers will create at least 2 videos for at least 1 hour (or until the energy reaches 0), where they will try to get as far as they can for the challenge.

4. You will try your best to acquire the user as much as possible

5. The Influencer rank will be based on r of new users acquired. All Influencers who complete the challenge will get rewards for their hard work too.

Campaign Rules

  1. Rules:
  • Account: SHM needs participants’ Email and Wallet Address to track the grades as well as reward the winners
  • Tracking link we privately send in the email for the players

2. Tracking and grading:

  • Top 5 Influencers inviting highest number of new vistors to our website
  • SHM will provide daily leaderboard for updates and motivate our influencers

3. Reward pools:

Chest details:

Campaign Timeline

  • 3.4–13.4: Herohood challenge
    - SHM will update the daily leaderboard to motivate gamers to play and win the game.
  • 14.4: Winner Announcement
  • 15.4: Giveaway Form Confirmation with Influencers
  • 17.4: Giveaway to the Influencers Confirmations

Game Instruction

How to win your rewards?

->1. Download the Gunfire, register an account and join in the guild

->2. Comment your wallet
->3. When you reach to the certain level of number of New Visitors, you can win the
->4. Invite more friends to play our game and win the lucky draw

->5. Wait for winner announcement on the AMA after the guild campaign

->6. Claim the rewards in your wallet (In our Website)

See the details instructions below



The Gunfire playbook:


⁉️ How to join The Step Hero Multiverse?

See detailed instructions for registering and installing the Game here.

①Visit the marketplace and register via your email address.

②Fill out the registration code from your email or junk box.

③Start your exciting free-to-play journey in Step Hero Multiverse Game👇

Wish ACE registration successfully. If you have any questions during the operation, do not hesitate to talk to us

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